Nine Publishing

I started working for Fairfax Media at the start of August on contract for four weeks trial. During this time I was given a couple of days to get to learn the system with help from two QE’s focused on automation and another focused on exploratory and regression testing.

Though I was to be put with the “Editorial Tools”(EdTools) team I started off writing “End to End”(E2E) tests in Nightwatch for the “CMS Team”. I also was required to do regression testing for the EdTools Team. This was due to the extensive use of nested ShadowDOM components and “Drag And Drop”(DnD).

I was let known one of the tests I had written was originally thought impossible as it involved the manipulation of cookies. After the two weeks, I was accepted as a full-time employee on a six-month probation. I gained knowledge into the various different system through in-house training including analytics and the deployment pipeline, all while continuing to expand the Nightwatch E2E test suite.

Fairfax provided extra activities outside of normal work including hackathons and cooking competitions both of which I participated in. After five months of working in the EdTools Team, I was moved to the automation team as the person I was filling in for had returned from maternity leave.

I had a meeting with the Director Of Engineering to let me know I was doing a good job and they would be keeping me on. A week later I was let known the position was being made redundant and I could stay on for 3 weeks to gain experience. While working for the automation team I had worked out some API tests for the EdTools Team which would allow them to check the interface is working without having to use the DnD feature.